Mixes of reddish brown terracotta hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester fleece, in 20g packs for larger projects and to give a good mix of colours. Where there are multiple bags available for a colour variation, each bag will be slightly different but the same general colours.


Hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester curls are a great resource for felting or spinning. The tight curls work well in needle felting and wet felting, and can be incorporated into spinning or knitting yarn to add a unique wiggly texture to your handmade projects.


The fleece has been washed but may contain some small amounts of vegetable matter and dust, depending on how clean or dirty the fleece was when it was shorn. The curls are dyed with acid dyes fixed with citric acid. Some leaching of excess dye may occur when washed.

Hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester Fleece 20g packs - Terracotta